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It’s the quality of people on which the success of any enterprise is placed. People are undoubtedly the most valuable asset to any enterprise. We understand that people shape an organization, sustain it and ensure its place in the corporate world. Our services aim at providing our clients with the greatest return on its staffing investment to help a company grow and manage change. We take the time to learn a client's specific hiring needs and corporate culture so that we can provide the most qualified talent ready to make a meaningful difference to their organization. Here we are demonstrating one of the effective workflow which will guide us through the full life cycle from receiving a request for assistance to being selected. We deliver prompt professional high-quality hiring solutions every time by obtaining leading edge talent that matches our clients' business goals and work environment.


Requirement: Upon initial request for hiring solutions, we spend time with clients to understand the hiring solutions required. The time spent upfront defining the responsibilities, requirements, organizational goals and culture help attract the right talent and determine the best candidates based on prior experience and personality fit.

Prescreen: We evaluate job-fit Index based on applicant's job compatibility and turnover risk. We evaluate success rate based on match of applicant and client's core values and corporate environment. We conduct personal interviews to gauge intellectual level, behavioral pattern, stability, thought-process, interpersonal & communication skills. We also run a confidential background check which is administered & carried-out by our internal team of professionals.

Evaluate: Target job is simulated and potential job candidate is required to demonstrate the ability to perform critical job skills. By working on this practice, the applicants get a realistic preview of the job. Our clients get a realistic preview of applicants' skills and abilities. Accurate forecasting can be done of each applicant's potential for success.

Verify: Structured and streamlined interview processes with standardized rating criteria and skills-based questions resulting in interaction between our client and applicant. It helps in evaluating job-related skills, experience, and abilities. We can easily verify which applicants have the greatest potential for success.

Hire: Detailed & written references for selected candidates are provided. Once the choice is made, we help our clients throughout the offer negotiation process ensuring the needs of both parties are decently met. We continue to follow up for the next year of the candidate's employment. We help with the transition to the new position and stay in close-touch with our clients and the candidate to ensure satisfaction in the placement.

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